What in the Bloody Hell is the Kleen Susi?

Even before COVID-19 grabbed our lives by the nether regions, there were times when one would look at a crosswalk button, a restroom door handle, or elevator button and think, “Mate, I’m pretty sure I’d like to perform a root canal on a unrestrained croc before I touch that gross looking thing”. Or that could be me.

There might be a few options for touching these things like using your elbow or your shoe, the problem with that is you either look like you’re trying to lick the button, or that you think you’re an action movie star and the button is feeling the wrath of your vengeance quest. Either way, you look a bit silly.

If there is a problem, Signs2Go have the answer. Unless it’s helping your kids with their new maths; we’re pretty sure not even the teachers know that stuff. The answer Signs2Go have for publicly used buttons and handles is the ingenious Kleen Susi.

What in the bloody hell is the Kleen Susi? Well, it’s a great bit of kit that looks like ruler and a ninja star had a one-night stand after a pub crawl and spawned a child. However, unlike your mate that was conceived under similar circumstances, the Kleen Susi is useful.




Using the Kleen Susi, you will no longer have to use your vulnerable digits to touch elevator buttons, flush public toilets, or even turn on taps. This clever plastic gadget is made from strong materials that are easy to disinfect and allow you to us something as small as a credit card machine at the shops to bigger uses like using a trolley or opening a freeze door at the supermarket.

You will look like a classic Western movie sheriff pulling your six-shooter to the amazement of those around you, especially those keeping the 1.5m distance. Everyone else needs to just back it up.

The Kleen Susi can be used to press the elevator buttons but it doesn’t give you the permission to press all the buttons. Sure, it protects you from picking up germs, but it might not stop a dirty look or a slap for being a jerk.

The design of the Kleen Susi gives you more options than a 17-page takeaway menu. The edges of the Kleen Susi have been expertly created to allow you to press big buttons like elevators, doorbells, and intercoms, as well as smaller buttons like those on the credit card machine and a public phone. If you managed to find a public phone, you must have also found a time machine. Enjoy the early 90s. There’s no COVID-19 there, feel free to lick as many surfaces as you wish.

With the Kleen Susi, you can have the confidence that you are keeping yourself and your family safe. While it is a miracle tool, it is still just a tool and unlike your hammer that got left in the rain and rusted, this one needs to be taken care of.

The Kleen Susi is dishwasher safe, however during the day you should give it a wipe with antibacterial wipes or wash it in a sink with soap and water as you wash your hands for the 900th time that day.

Keep safe out there, keep your life clean and COVID-Free with the Kleen Susi. If only everything in your life was as easy as this. We’re working on a tool that does your taxes, but we are told one exists. Though I don’t know if it’s a good idea to call your accountant a tool or else you might find the ATO wanting to have a chat with you. At least the Kleen Susi isn’t going to give you any problems.